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instead of watching the 50 Shades trailer, why not just make awkward eye contact with a total stranger at the grocery store for a solid 2 minutes and 34 seconds? you get the same skin-crawling, uncomfortable feeling but without the shitty writing, terrible acting and massive dose of rape culture

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If your image of women’s *~empowerment~* consists of “look hot enough to intimidate people and/or turn them on enough that they’re willing to do stuff for you,” then nice work, you’ve made empowerment into a Hot Girls Only Club, and women who aren’t conventionally attractive can all just accept their lives as unempowered serfs with insufficiently winged eyeliner

aka Tumblr’s sparkly misandry .gif ****Gurl Powa*****

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baduhmtiss replied to your post: if we’re mutuals and you tag triggers,…

how do you want it tagged dear? Normally I end everything with “tw” so it’d be like ” exercise tw” but if that doesn’t work for whatever your blocker is lemme know!

that works fine, thank you! uwu

if we’re mutuals and you tag triggers, can you please tag food, exercise, weight loss, diet, etc related posts? idk, i hate to ask, as pathetic as i feel for asking, it’s really not fun being triggered by something i saw on tumblr, like

i have to go to great lengths to keep myself from doing something really really self-destructive when i see those things and tonight i almost failed to do so

i’m not going to get mad at anyone if they don’t tag those things but it’d be really helpful, especially if you talk about it a lot

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plenty of ppl have already talked about why virginity is an archaic, patriarchal, heteronormative, and otherwise fucked up concept, but i am human evidence that virginity is just a weird idea. i am a virgin which means that i should not be a hoe, but in reality, i am 10000000% hoe. but i know people who are not virgins and they are 0% hoe. like, they could never even dream of reaching my level of hoe, and i haven’t even done the ~~~***FULL AUTHENTIC HETEROSEXUAL MATING RITUAL***~~~ yet. i sit on a fucking throne of hoe and i have not even fucked.

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the prevalent concept of politics is disturbing to me. it’s like a game, where the powerful bicker to the tune of the powerless screaming out in the background. the oppressed have to tiptoe around on ideological eggshells, following all the rules of this game that no one agreed to play, to try and convince the oppressors of their humanity. there appears to be a mutual agreement — sometimes spoken, sometimes unspoken — that politics is supposed to be an emotionless subject. we’re all told to be stoic when we talk politics, lest we harm someone, regardless of the fact that the effects of politics are far more harmful than the debates. but when you’re the one being harmed by societal structures and laws put forth by politics, how are you supposed to remain stoic?

that takes a kind of privilege that i am not lucky enough to have, or a kind of apathy that i am too emotional to wall myself into, or a kind of ignorance that i would not feel blissful in, or a mixture of those. i’m convinced that this notion of politics as something that has to be cold and distant is what’s killing us. politicians are cold and distant, and that is what makes them able to disregard basic human rights in favor of money, power, and territory. with the mindset that this is the way it’s supposed to be, the public (at least in the western world) doesn’t question this as much as they should. i only just started questioning it in recent years, when politics, to me, became something that i could not help but get emotionally involved in. people get heated about their ideas all the time, but they don’t get heated enough about what the implementation of their ideas mean/would mean for others.

i am not irrational for being upset about the powerless getting walked on by the powerful. i am not out of touch with reality because i want to challenge this kind of state-sanctioned sociopathy.

i am just trying to fight.