I’m so proud of my little sister! She is 13 and she calls me every day to go on a feminist rant about how much she hates dress codes, objectification, victim blaming, racism, police brutality, etc and I am like, YES MY BLOSSOM! KEEP ON FIGHTING, MY RADICAL DUMPLING! She is the kind of lil sis that ppl make fake tumblr posts about and she has been like this from a very young age.

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Arabic is so important to me. I have been struggling to re-learn my language for years since it was inadvertently stolen from me by all the people who harassed me when they found out about my ethnicity. I see these white tumblr teens bastardizing it because they think it is soooo cool and exotic and it boils my fucking blood. You like how my language looks? Then learn it for real. Don’t Google translate it so you can add it to every picture you reblog as an obnoxious self promotion. Same with Farsi and literally any other “exotic” language. I don’t think ppl understand how hard it can be to hold onto your mother tongue as someone who grows up in the western world and how much these languages mean to a lot of us. Please respect languages and treat them with care.


The Coalition Zine is a zine dedicated to celebrating grrrls of colour and our girlhood, triumphs, traumas, and taking up as much space as we can. 

We were able to raise enough money to print pur third issue and it was a huge success. Our zine has been hailed and received with high praises since we started,  from being featured on The Le Sigh to BBC Radio 4 interviewing our editor in chief about what we do. 

We are in the process of creating our fourth issue, the Music Issue, and once again, we need your help. We printed enough issues of the third issue but didn’t have enough to send to various bookstores who wanted to stock us. This time, we want to be able to take this beyond the internet and come to your local bookstore and zine shops. Our message is one that truly needs to be spread across the world, to girls of colour who feel shut out, diminished and silenced, not only in creative spaces, but at school, work, communites, etc. 

To see our previous issues, check out our 1st2nd, and 3rd issue to see what we are about and check out our blog too. For inquiries, email us at msgthecoalition@gmail.com
Every and All donations/contributions will be greatly appreciated, even just spreading the word will be a blessing. 

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Hey, Kool Thing, come here, sit down 
There’s something I got to ask you. 
I just wanna know, what are you gonna do for me?
I mean, are you gonna liberate us girls 
From male white corporate oppression?

a girl behind me just said “what the khara” i am among my people

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